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Vivianne Cheng

vivianne cheng


"An exceptionally gifted and accomplished young artist. Already a veteran performer in solo recital, chamber music, as well as with orchestra, Vivianne is thoughtful, imaginative, and approaches all of her work with great seriousness of purpose."

Gary Graffman

“Her work in the Beethoven Concerto was from start to finish superb... The second movement was played with great serenity and poetry. It was surely one of the finest performances this critic has yet heard, anywhere.” 

CVNC Arts Journal

"One of the most creative talents with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Always contemplative as a musician as well as an outstanding player, Vivianne proves that integrity can indeed go along with talent."

Ida Kavafian

"...amazingly fast finger-work, lovely shimmering tone, with subtle shading of the dynamics... Cheng seemed unfazed by the daunting challenges of this rather sprawling work, playing it with unfailing concentration and purpose."

News & Observer

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